How do I request a work order?

Submit a Request for Warehouse Work Order

Normal Work Orders:

When a service is needed by your site, please submit a Request for Warehouse Work Order through the link listed at the top of this page, this will generate a work order that will be completed as it is received. Be sure to note any special requests such as specific dates, time, contact person, room where items will be located or any other information that will help the Warehouse driver expedite the pickup. For safety reasons, please DO NO OVER PACK BOXES, and make sure all lids close flat. All filing cabinets are to be emptied prior to pick up.

How do we dispose of our books?

Information on Disposal of Books Per link below:

 Curriculum and Library Discard

What do we do with our Fixed Assets?

Fixed Asset Removal:

For all fixed asset items please complete the Request for Warehouse Wok Order through the link listed at the top of this page, this will need to be completed by the site and submitted. If you have Fixed Assets and regular obsolete items to be picked up at the same time, all items can be put on the same form. Tables, chairs, etc., can be grouped in total numbers, but "Fixed Assets" are to be listed per line.

Where does it go?


Periodically obsolete/surplus equipment will be made available to the public through an auction process. The district is currently partnering with Roller Auctions. Click here to view their auction schedule.