Mail Procedures




U.S. Mail must have a school/site return address. All manila envelopes have to be sealed with the clasp under the flap with tape to secure it. Always wright the address in the landscape position with the flap on the right side.  Envelopes should be sent to us with the flaps down. Red envelopes cannot be used due to the postage ink being red, any red envelopes will be returned to sender.


Certified Letters

Certified letters must be filled out by the site before being sent to the Warehouse. Forms and information are available by contacting Mark Shields at 28273.


Bulk Mailings

When you have a large bulk mailing; e-mail Cory Gilmer at  in advance so the driver will be prepared for the pickup. Sites are responsible for any postage bill over the cost of $100.00 and will receive an invoice through Ricoh eForms.



Packages will be shipped using UPS the school/site is responsible for the cost of shipping. Packages cannot be shipped to a PO Box.  If your package needs to be insured for more than $100.00 be sure to note that on the package.